Fine Foods
, a division of HHM Group, is the largest Foodservice supplier in Bahrain, with offices located throughout the Arabian Gulf region. We carry some 6000 quality products from around the world, supplying airlines, flight catering kitchens, hotels, restaurants, schools, ships, franchised food chains and many other food outlets.

Originally established in the 1930's as a food wholesaler, the company has expanded its operations to encompass food catering and ship chandelling. It is also a member of the International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA), being an accredited supplier to Navy Forces, Air Forces and Army garrisons of several countries around the Gulf.

Fine Foods carries some of the best global brands like Elle & Vire, Lamb Weston, Boiron,
Galbani, Nairobi, Lacnor and many more.

The Group owns and operates Fine Foods Catering, Fine Foods Ship Chandelling, Eastern Bakery, Advanced Marketing & Distribution, National Meat Processing Factory, Gulf Cold Stores, Bahrain Juice Filling Factory, Awal Food Factories and National Food Packing Company.

Fine Foods, a division of HHM Group, is the largest Foodservice supplier in Bahrain,
Elle & Vire
Elle & Vire invite you to discover his universe.
Lamb Weston
Preferred Worldwide for Quality, Consistancy & Innovation.
Frozen fruits, fruit purees & coulis extra for culinary professionals.
Australian Quality Plus
Set up in January 2004, Australian Quality Plus (AQP)
As much flavor as beef and pork with less fat.